A poem for Trayvon Martin by brother Tony Menelik Van Der Meer

For Trayvon Martin
Under red, white and blue Eagles
Black lives are still worthless.
Ice tea and skittles no protection
from armed vigilante vampires.

Malcolm’s ameriklan nightmares
Still strikes at the souls of black folks
Making the problem of the 21st century
Still a problem of the color line:
Even “O” has to show his birth certificate.

Dr. King’s dream bludgeoned
By the one percent while hostile new confederates
Want “their” country back.
The fire next time maybe tomorrow
Because Katrina survivors
Still can’t appreciate their human rights today.

Vibrating spirits of Demark, Gabriel, and Nat
trying to break loose into Zulu chants.
The American spring is warmer than expected
But will more hooded youth lie breathless in puddles
of fresh blood?

Can there be peace and healing without justice?
The time is now for a new generation to unite
and flit with Rosa Parks Freedom courage,
blossoming into sharp Eyes on the prize.

Tony Menelik Van Der Meer

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