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U.S. Listen to the Fresh Voices of the OWS Youth Before It Is Too Late

Pakistan-US Freedom Forum condemns Mayor Bloomberg for his attack on Zuccotti in the early hours of November 15.

At the end of the Second World War the US military dropped two atom bombs on Asians in the name of peace and stability, but the US government has not always been able to count on the complicity of its citizens and the world. Millions mobilized across the globe to oppose aggressive wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Millions of Americans took to the streets to challenge social inequality during the Civil Rights movement. During the Great Depression, millions of workers, including many communists, built the industrial unions against the capitalist attacks. This generation of young people and students who have occupied Liberty Plaza in the name of social justice does so in the tradition of those who came before, and does so for the future generations who will come after.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters began their demonstrations to expose the double standards of our society. A two-tiered legal system in the United States incarcerates millions of ordinary citizens for petty crimes, hundreds of thousands of immigrants for lacking documents, and refuses to prosecute the bankers responsible for the greatest fraud in history. The brave young demonstrators at Occupy Wall St. are criticized for supposedly “lacking” demands, but these criticisms are misplaced. When a child cries it is the responsibility of their parent to know why they cry. Young people are taking to the streets because our politicians, corporations, educators, and media have aided and abetted in the concentration of wealth in the hands of the 1% who now own 40 percent of the nation’s wealth and receive over 20 percent of its annual incomThe powerful have begun wars in foreign countries for their own profit, at the cost of $1,876.71 per soldier per day in Iraq and $3,287.67 in Afghanistan; with the total cost predicted to rise to $3.2 trillion in a study by Brown University. Regulators colluded with banks to hand them $700 billion in bailouts, and to prevent any prosecution for the systemic criminal conduct of Wall Street. Our leaders fail to see our children are educated, and while some schools force more than half their students to drop out, those students fortunate enough to go to college leave burdened by incredible debts that collectively mount to over $1 trillion.

Besides waging two ongoing wars, the US overthrew the sovereign government of Libya. It is now planning similar moves against Syria and Iran, and is sending soldiers to as far as Uganda and Australia. While threatening Iran for its peaceful atomic policies it is supplying the atomic industry of India. It supported Pakistan dictatorship of Musharraf and Shoukat Aziz, the coup regime in Honduras. It supports the illegal occupations of Palestine and Kashmir and is carrying out illegal wars and drone attacks all over the world.

The students and youth, teachers and nurses, union and community members, immigrants and retirees who assemble every day at Liberty Plaza and in squares across the USA and the World are protesting because they believe another world is possible; one where the needs of humans and the environment will have more significance than the profits of bankers and corporations. The power of the 1% over the 99% is codified into the very laws of our country, and creates a system of double standards where the wealthy are above the laws of everyone else.

The Pakistan USA Freedom Forum stands in solidarity with the demonstrators at Liberty Plaza and with all the Occupations across the USA. We will stand with Occupy Wall St. in demanding a fair and justice society with dignity and respect for all. OWS stands for peace and love and is never afraid to take a stand against the double standard of US policies. They are bringing back respect and honor because they are taking up the real problems of jobs, unions, healthcare, and the environment. We propose to the Democratic and Republican Parties, in a meaningful step towards producing a government of the 99%, the two major parties agree not to contest more than 60 percent of the seats in the 2012 Congressional elections and leave the remaining seats to independent candidates, thereby allowing room for new people with new ideas to bring them forward. The Pakistan USA Freedom Forum respectfully encourages the Democratic and Republican National Committees to consider our proposal. The young demonstrators at Liberty Plaza represent the best of human intentions, welcoming the homeless, feeding all who come, and inviting everyone to participate as equals in their General Assemblies. We want to thank everyone who has supported this movement of the 99% by their attendance at protests or their donations, and encourage everyone to join us at Liberty Plaza.

PUFF calls on every citizen of the world, and especially the youth of Pakistan, to join this movement of justice for humanity.

Dr. Muhammad Shafique Mr. Comrade Shahid

President General Secretary (917) 280-0840

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